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About BernadetteSunset.com:

Originally launched in 2009, BernadetteSunset.com was created by Bernadette McCrea Klees as a magazine website, and one-stop destination for each of her passions: Art, Photography, Fashion, Beauty, Health and Wellness, and Fitness.  The website strives to inspire, entertain, and inform through various media projects, such as product recommendations and reviews, how-to photos and videos, DIY instructions, and much more. It is also an online- shop where merchandise, products, and services can be purchased directly.

About Bernadette Sunset LLC:

Also formed in 2009, in San Diego, CA, Bernadette Sunset LLC is the Multi-Media Company founded by Bernadette McCrea Klees, licensed by the State of California.  All content, media, merchandise and services are Copyrights of Bernadette Sunset LLC. 

About The Daily Sunset:

The Daily Sunset Is a daily newsletter that can be received via email by subscription.  It is a publication of BernadetteSunset.com that has the most up to date posts and latest tips, exclusive info, discounts, promotions, and contests, as well as an exclusive photo of the daily sunset. 

About Bernadette McCrea Klees:

“The sunset is my inspiration, the butterfly my muse, Jesus is my savior, and I love to sing the blues.”

Raised in Newark, New Jersey, a talented multi-media artist, photographer, fashion & accessories designer, wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, beauty expert, and health, wellness, and fitness enthusiast, Bernadette McCrea Klees could not choose just one field to pursue.  So, she decided to create a company and website where she could share her knowledge, expertise, and creations in all the fields of her passionate works.  

Bernadette was born an artist, constantly creating, painting, writing, and sketching original fashion illustrations.  She expressed an early interest in oil painting, her favorite media, inspired by her grandfather, who was an avid oil painter and art teacher in West Palm Beach, Florida.  She was self-taught, with the help of Bob Ross, whom she watched and painted along with, while watching his tv show “The Joy of Painting”.  She later honed her skills in advanced art classes in high school and The Mason Gross School of Art, at Rutgers University.  Instead of continuing her Fine Art Degree program,she left Rutgers to pursue an education in Fashion Design, and completed her Certificate of Fashion Design and Garment Construction at Fashion Design Training Studio, as well as Digital Fashion and Textile Design courses in Photoshop and Illustrator at Xincon Technology School in Manhattan.  Itching to get started in the business, she took a full time Assistant Merchandising position in an East Village retail clothing store, Bang Bang, that opened many doors, and provided a great education in the business side of fashion, while allowing her to be visually creative.  After only 6 months, she was promoted to Merchandising Manager, and during her time with the company, was promoted to Store Manager, and even Field Merchandiser.  In those positions, she learned all the necessary skills to run a fashion business, from construction, layout, design, planning, staffing, and organizing new store openings, to the buying, shipping, receiving, operating, and running of the everyday business.  She also organized fashion shows, model searches, and styled for TV shows such as VH1 and MTV and magazine publications through her position. Unfortunately, the company eventually closed, but with her extensive experience, she went on to manage stores for larger corporations such as Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and most recently Ann Taylor, wearing many different hats with involvement in all aspects of business from Human Resource  and Operations, to Loss Prevention, Sales Management, Visual Merchandising Management, Styling, Window Design, Marketing, Outside Sales and Management Training.   She has had a total of 15 years in the field, heading new store openings, inventories, and operating locations of all demographics and volumes up to 10 million annually, and locations of up to 66,000 sq feet, on both the East and West Coast.

Though she was very successful running businesses for big companies, Bernadette always had the entrepreneur spirit, and decided in 2009 to finally venture into starting her own businesses, first as an Independant Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, where she learned all about skin care, makeup artistry and techniques, and how direct sales worked, running her own business, and her first website, MaryKay.com/BernadetteSunset.  Then she forayed that knowledge into owning her own makeup chair at Bella Ray Salon, in Mission Beach, San Diego where she also eventually sold her first Bernadette Sunset Accessories line.  She then added to those businesses, Bernadette Sunset LLC, and BernadetteSunset.com, where she incorporated her love of Photography, Art, and Fashion, with services such as Fashion, Portrait, Event, Family, and Wedding Photography, Wardrobe Styling, All-Occasion Makeup Artistry, Custom Artwork, Clothing, and Accessory Design, and much more!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Health, Wellness, and Fitness played a huge role throughout her life, as did travel.  Bernadette became immersed in fitness at a very young age, influenced by her parents, who were always active and health conscious. She became an athlete at the age 0f 14, spending much of her time weight training, exercising, and participating in and training for sports, such as softball, cheerleading, and swimming.  She adopted her parents healthy, natural eating and vitamin supplement taking habits, and whim for trying new diets, health crazes, and products.  She belonged to numerous gyms throughout her life, such as NY Sports Club, W.O.W, 24 Hour Fitness, The Wavehouse Athletic Club, The La Jolla J.C.C., and currently E.O.S. Fitness, working with many high profile personal trainers, instructors, and coaches that taught her many techniques, regimens, and programs with proven results. 

 This all came in hand when she had a tragic, near death, life altering accident in 2006, being run over and dragged by an SUV, which sped through a red light, while she was crossing the street on foot.  She suffered horrific injuries, including a skull fracture and brain injury, broke her neck, collarbone, hip, spine, and ankle, and was kept alive by having a blood transfusion.  She fought for her life, and through months of rehab, physical therapy, nutrition, surgeries, and sheer willpower, she recovered, and was able to walk again.  Her positive attitude and dedication to fulfilling her dreams lead her to journey across the country, when she was able to walk again, and she moved from Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY, to San Diego, California, where she has been living ever since.  Her decision to cross the country was inspired by her desire to see the sun set over the ocean, an image she always loved deeply, and had painted constantly throughout her life.  That is why she named her business Bernadette Sunset, to tell the story of her remarkable journey and it’s influence in her life, art, career and dreams, which have indeed come true!

Unfortunately, she did have several bumps in the road even after her recovery, having since endured three more major surgeries: the removal of a metal hinge that was in her ankle for several years after the accident, removal of heterotopic ossification in her hip, and pelvis, as well as the decompression of her impinged sciatic nerve, and a partial hip replacement.  The first was in 2009, the rest were in 2015, and each of them had her back in a wheelchair, and required intensive physical therapy to regain the ability to walk.  She was fortunate to have been treated by top surgeons in renowned facilities such as UMDNJ, UCSD Medical Centers, Sharp and Paradise Valley Hospital, and top Physical Therapists at Healthsouth in NJ, Water and Sports Physical Therapy in Mission Beach and La Jolla, Pacific Water Sports in Ocean Beach, and currently Spine and Sport Physical Therapy in Downtown San Diego.  She gained so much valuable knowledge and insight into so many areas of medicine, nutrition, fitness, and wellness, in addition to holistic health, yoga, aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicines. 

She credits her strong faith, positive outlook, healthy eating, and aquatic therapy routine for being most effective in her recoveries, as well as the determination to be walked down the aisle by her father, Charles Bernard McCrea (who she lost only two weeks after her wedding day, after his 4 year battle with Alzheimer’s), to marry her husband, Bret Allen Klees, who held her hand each step of the way, and continues to support her on her journey, which now includes their first child,  Brielle Sunsette Klees, born March 23, 2017.  

It has just become officially 10 years since she recovered from the initial accident, and made her move from east to west coast, and she is working on publishing her first book, a photography, coffee table book, entitled “A Decade of Sunsets”, which showcases her best sunset photographs from the past decade, of which she has shot thousands. When completed, the book, prints of the photos, and related merchandise such as:  calendars, mugs, jewelry, and t-shirts will be available for purchase through the web store.  

She loves to share what she has learned, and inspire people to live their healthiest, most abundant life, to encourage them to pursue their dreams, and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature, the adventure of travel, and the glitz and glamour of art, fashion, and beauty.  Join her on her journey, and enjoy her creations, observations, services, and recommendations! She has so many ambitions and projects in the works!

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