Beauty Services

Glam look on model/singer, Jennifer Rhynes. Makeup and photo by Bernadette McCrea

    Makeovers are my main thrill in life! (Yes.. a cheesy Clueless reference, but true)  I absolutely adore helping women look their best so they feel their best. 

As an Independent Beauty Consultant, I can help you find the colors, products, and looks that best suit your needs.

  As a Makeup Artist, I can give you the look you had in mind, or help you find a new look. 

In addition to tips, tricks, and the product reviews and recommendations I share on my blog, I also provide the following beauty services:

  • Beauty Consultation: Sit down for a consultation on a beauty subject of your choice.  Whether it is skincare, makeup, hairstyle, or overall look, we can help you find the colors, styles, and looks that suit you the best. We can meet at my home studio, your home, or a public location and discuss your needs, wants, ideas, and goals, and create a plan of action based on those needs and my recommendations.  
  • Special Event Makeup: Going to a special event? Whether it’s a prom, wedding, gala, or party you’re attending, you can look your absolute best and glow all night long with a complete makeup application.  
  • Bridal Makeup:  With all that you invest in your wedding, especially a great wedding photo package, nothing can be more important than having your makeup photo ready and smudge proof.  As a recent bride (who needed hundreds of photos retouched because of smudged up lipstick, and eyeliner) I can attest to just how important that is.  I will use the best possible products and precision techniques to give you the perfect, photo finished look of your dreams for your once-in-a-lifetime special occasion.  
  • Photoshoot Makeup:  Have a photoshoot coming up and want to look your best?  Whether your having professional headshots done, taking pics for your blog, directing a shoot for a magazine, or staffing for a catalog shoot, I can provide high quality, no retouch necessary, natural or couture looks that translate to images that captivate.  
  • Film Makeup: Whether your filming a Youtube video, student film, web video, or commercial production, I can have you or your characters or stars ready to for their close-up. 
  • Makeup Lessons:  Teaching others is one of my favorite things to do.  Whether your interested in learning how to do your own makeup, or to apply it on others, I can have you applying like a pro in no time.  You can book individual classes, or buy a package.  You can learn the basics, specific looks, or face painting.  You can also learn how to shop for the best tools and products, what to look for, what is necessary, or what you can do without and how to get the best deals.  
  • Individual Makeover :  Need a new look? I can take you from drab to fab in no time.  It’s amazing how seeing a new you in the mirror can instantly boost your self esteem, getting you motivated in so many other areas of life as a result.  I can use your skin type, coloring, face shape and personality to create looks that make people do a double take when they see you.  We can create an everyday look, work look, and evening look, to have you looking your best around the clock. 
  • Glamour Shot Makeover:  If you want the full effect of the makeover, with hot pics to match, you can get a Glamour Shot Makeover, and have a full on photoshoot after.  You can bring your own wardrobe, or create a package by using my styling services as well.
  • Face Painting:  Being a fine artist as well as makeup artist, I naturally enjoy creating fun fantasy makeup looks in addition to classic glamour, and everyday makeup looks.  Whether you want some attention getting couture makeup looks for a print ad, webpage, fashion blog, fashion show, or special event, I can create unique looks that create interest and turn heads.  If you are having an event, and would like to have Face Painting,  I can also set up a station and apply looks on guests in whatever theme you choose, whether traditional face painting, tattoos,  Festival Style, Glam, Halloween, Fairy, etc.. I will strive to create fun concepts that give guests a unique, memorable look.
  • Live Makeup Artist: Want a live makeup artist at your event? Whether its a boutique store opening, a party, or fun pampering event, I can travel and apply looks in any setting, or location
  • Makeover Party:  Makeover parties are a huge trend right now, and can be a ton of fun.  You supply the location, food, beverages, and guests, and I will take care of the rest.  My service will include the supplies per guest to use, a sample look,  and I will share tips, tricks, and be available for questioning and help.  It’s a fun way to pamper guests, and activity for them to have fun at the same time.  You can bundle it with my Photography service as well and have a Glamour Shot Party, where Before and After (or just after) shots can be taken.  You can also add the Real Photographer Photo booth service as well, and I can bring fun props and we can have a “red carpet staged area” for guests to have their photos taken after makeup is finished.  This can be done for teens, young adults, or women of all ages.  It can be a small or large party, and is a great bonding experience for any group or club.