Photography Services

Photography is one of my favorite artforms. There’s nothing that excites me more than capturing the perfect image, except the joy it brings when that image becomes a beloved treasure in someone’s life.  The emotions that can be revisited from the memories frozen in time with a snapshot become so valuable in our lives.  Which is why it gives me tremendous pleasure when I’m given the honor of capturing those moments in people’s lives.  Whether it’s an engagement, a new edition, a celebration, or more, I always put my heart and soul into the project.  In addition to selling prints of my own photos, I offer several types of photography services.

  • Portraits: Whether it’s a single person, group,  family, or even pet portrait, I will ensure you have picture perfect, frame worthy shots. 
  • Engagement:  True love is the best subject to capture, and one of my favorites.  We can take your ideas, and build upon them to create a visual lovestory all your own.  
  • Expectant Parents:  Whether it is just the expecting mom, or both parents-to-be, I have a ton of creative ideas for capturing this beautiful, special time in your life.
  • Newborn Photos: There’s no more special a time in your little angel’s life than those very first moments.  As a new mom myself, I can really appreciate how important it is to get great shots.  I am available to travel to your delivery hospital, or if you prefer to wait until you are released, you can select the location of your choice to give your little one their first photoshoot. 
  • Glamour ShotsWhether you want to get shots done of yourself to give someone you love, or give the gift of getting shots done to someone you love, glamour shots are a great gift idea.  Or maybe you simply want some amazing pics of yourself to wow your friends on social media? Whatever the reason, it’s always fun and not only do I offer photography for Glamour shots, but can also offer a packaged deal that includes: makeup, wardrobe styling, photography, and editing.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Headshots: Getting that one perfect headshot can be very important. It can be the determining factor of whether or not you get a call back or a job.    If you need headshots for acting, or business headshots, I will ensure your best face is put forward.  If your business needs corporate headshots of all it’s employees, we can arrange a corporate photo event at your place of business.
  • Business Photos: Need shots of your establishment for ads or flyers? I can capture the best of your business.
  • Blog Photos: Have a blog and need a photographer to help you tell your story? We can create an ongoing relationship and work together bringing your ideas to life.
  • Web Media: Have a website and need great images of your business or products? I can help you bring your brand to life, and capture all your best product attributes. 
  • Print Media: Need a photoshoot done for your magazine, newspaper, or catalog? I can give you excellent images to accompany your article, advertisement, or cover.  Best of all, I can also offer my makeup and wardrobe services as a package deal, so you can save money, and the hassle of needing to hire multiple people for your project.
  • Event Photography: Having an event that you need covered? Whether you want an entire event covered, specific portions, a red carpet, or a real photographer photo booth, we can help make your event one everyone is sure to remember.

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