Three days ago, when I was going to the car (and luckily had my camera with me) I  was all excited to see these two parrots on the cable wires above the car.  I got some pics, they were pretty grainy because of zooming in so far, but I was very happy with them.  The next day, also going to the car, I saw a bunch of them on the palm tree across the street
The other day, upon opening the front door, my husband, Bret and I noticed this black caterpillar crawling on the stucco.  As someone who loves butterflies, I was happy to see it there, and took it as a good sign.  Having been on my way to shoot, camera in tow, I was able to snap this picture of the cute little creature.   Prior to seeing that caterpillar, we kept being visited by two of the
Dream On “Everyone has a dream…Mine was to see the sun set over the ocean.”  Bernadette McCrea Klees The other night, as I was watching this sunset in Ocean Beach, the song Dream On, by Aerosmith popped into my head.  In a sudden flashback, I remembered being a teenager, and the feeling of wishing so badly to see the sun set over the ocean, something impossible to see on the East Coast. With the sound of airplanes
Mothers Day 2018 My daughter, Brielle Sunsette McCrea Klees, at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA       Mother’s Day is such a beautiful holiday.  There’s nothing more amazing than a mother’s love.  I just became a mom last year, to a beautiful daughter, Brielle Sunsette McCrea Klees.  She is such a sweet girl, and my greatest blessing.  She fills my life with so much joy, and makes me feel very lucky to be
Glitz And Glam Glam look on model and singer Jennifer Rhynes My favorite type of evening makeup look to do, is what I call Glitz and Glam.  For this photoshoot of up and coming singer Jennifer Rhynes, I shot some portraits of her that could be used for a CD cover.  When I think of the great singers of all time, like my favorite, Billie Holiday, I tend to conjure the classic black and white images in
SoCal at Sundown Festival Style Outfit and Summer Evening Makeup look on mode Virginia Nunez Rivas. Photography, Styling, and Makeup by Bernadette McCrea Klees      With Festival Season in full swing, I thought now was a great time to share this photoshoot that I did with model Virginia Nunez Rivas.  A fun thing about Southern California, is that the “Festival Style” is pretty much worn year round. I styled two looks that could be worn
Backyard Beauty Sometimes, the best things in life are right in our own backyards. I usually go out for a walk at sunset time, but wasn’t able to make it out in time on this particular day, because my daughter was napping.  She woke up just before it was about to set, so we saw it from the backyard instead.  We often think we need to be somewhere else, or doing something else, when in reality,