Mothers Day 2018

Mothers Day 2018

My daughter, Brielle Sunsette McCrea Klees, at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA

      Mother’s Day is such a beautiful holiday.  There’s nothing more amazing than a mother’s love.  I just became a mom last year, to a beautiful daughter, Brielle Sunsette McCrea Klees.  She is such a sweet girl, and my greatest blessing.  She fills my life with so much joy, and makes me feel very lucky to be her mom.   

Becoming a mother has also given me a whole new respect for my own mom, and Brielle’s Grandmother, Josephine McCrea.  I could never entirely express how much I love her.  She is the kindest, most loving, and strongest woman I know.  I feel so lucky to be one of her children.  She has set the best example for my siblings and I, and helped me through all the tough times in my life.  I had hopes of flying back to New Jersey earlier this month to be there for Mothers Day, but due to some medical appointments, I’ll have to wait until later this summer to visit, which made me a little sad that day, though I’m happily looking forward to the trip when it comes time.

Living across the country from my mother is not easy.  I miss her all the time, yet she is with me everywhere I go.  I think of her all day, and see things that remind me of her, or that I can’t wait to tell her about.  So, when I decided to spend Mother’s Day at the Flower Fields  in Carlsbad, it was like she was there with us.  The scent and vision of flowers instantly remind me of her. 

This post is inspired by and dedicated to her, as well as Brielle’s Godmother, Jennifer Burns , my sister, Larraine Lourenco, who’s son Tony, is my Godson, my Godmother, Kathleen McCabe, and all the wonderful and amazing women that I am so proud to have in my family and friends circle.

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Some of my favorite pics of my mom, my daughter, and I.

 My mother and I have many things in common, like our love of flowers.   When I was a child, I would pick weeds for her (that I thought were flowers) on our walks home from school.  My siblings and I would chip in our few dollars to buy her her favorite daisies for Mothers Day, and it made us so happy.  When I commuted to NYC for work, while living at home still, in my early 20s, I’d stop by the flower stands in Greenwich Village, and buy her purple and blue orchids.  Since I’ve been living in San Diego, I’ve loved sending her beautiful arrangements, like the teacup bouquets, and hearing how happy she’d be when she received them.   

She was always so good at arranging bouquets, and finding the perfect spot in the house to place them.  Her elegant, creative touches are what made our house such an amazing home, and wonderful place to grow up. 

Below are some beautiful pictures that she took, of flowers she received, from me and others.  I thought I’d showcase them in a gallery here, to be enjoyed, in honor of her.

My Mothers Day adventure this year, began having brunch in Mission Beach, on the outside deck at The Olive Cafe, one of my favorite places, located on Mission Boulevard, down the street from where I used to live.  My husband, Bret Klees, had a Bagel BLT, while I had a California Chicken sandwich, and we both had mocha lattes,  (my first in a long time, since I gave up sugar, which made it even better).  Brielle ate some avocado (her favorite).  She also surprised us, by standing up in her stroller, which she never did before.  When our food came, I had put her back in without buckling her up,  and within minutes she was standing.  I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures before putting her back in correctly.  It was scary, but also kind of funny. 

Mothers Day lunch at The Olive Cafe

Then we headed to the Flower Fields.  It’s such a beautiful place where rows upon rows of colorful blooms are grown, reminiscent of the field of poppies in The Wizard of Oz.  There are gorgeous fountains, an Artist Garden with coops of doves and finches, a Master Gardener area with the most beautiful roses, bonsai trees, poinsettias, a Sweet Pea maze, Santa’s Playground for children, a garden center, Tractor Wagon rides, and some great treat stands with ice cream, lemonade, and fresh grown strawberries.  We always get the delicious strawberry shortcake at the Carlsbad Gourmet stand in the Garden Center.  It was an extra special treat for me this year, because I’m on a diet, and also because I got to share it with Brielle, along with some vanilla ice cream.  She absolutely relished every bite, and had the time of her life enjoying the scenery, playing in the playground, and test driving a Tesla.  It warmed my heart to see her so happy and having so much fun. 

Strawberry Shortcake and Vanilla Ice Cream from Carlsbad Gourmet Stand in the Garden Center.
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After the fields, we went home to watch the sunset, and change for dinner.  I spoke to my mother on the phone, and heard about the nice dinner she had with my brother, Bernie McCrea, his wife Diana McCrea, and their family, which made me happy to hear.  Then we went and had a delicious dinner at Miguel’s Mexican Cantina in Point Loma with my Mother and Father in Law, Bill and Marti Klees.  They are such awesome people, and grandparents to Brielle.  It was an amazing Mother’s Day, and one I’ll never forget.  

Stay Blessed!

Bernadette Sunset

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