Pretty Parrots

Three days ago, when I was going to the car (and luckily had my camera with me) I  was all excited to see these two parrots on the cable wires above the car.  I got some pics, they were pretty grainy because of zooming in so far, but I was very happy with them.  The next day, also going to the car, I saw a bunch of them on the palm tree across the street from our house.  I didn’t realize how many were there until I looked back at the pics when I uploaded them… there were 10 in one picture, I was shocked. 

Happy about those, I had even uploaded one shot onto my National Geographic Profile yesterday.  Right after I did that, I was eating in the living room, when I heard and then saw one of the scrub jay birds that come around out on the deck.   Grabbing my camera, I went out to get pictures of it, when I noticed a group of parrots on a tree right beyond the deck.  I went up close and was taking pictures of them, and they didn’t seem to mind at all.  Our dog, Bentley barked at them, but they didn’t flinch.  They were eating these tiny white flowers on the tree, and just having a good time.  It was so awesome to watch them. 

These birds are not native where we live, in San Diego, and there are several stories told about how they got here.  Some say a pet store caught fire, and they escaped.  Some say people brought them here as pets, and let them loose.  However they arrived, they have multiplied, and made it their home now, and we’re glad to have them nearby.  They are so much fun to watch, they fly really funny, though they are very loud.  It was cute seeing them eat the little flowers, and my baby girl, Brielle, really enjoyed their visit.  

Hope you enjoy these pics of them (I took a little video as well)

Stay Blessed! 

Bernadette Sunset 

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